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Thread: No 35 Squadron Halifax Movement Cards

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    Default No 35 Squadron Halifax Movement Cards

    I am just trying to tie up some loose ends relating to No 35 Squadron's Halifax aircraft and wondered if anyone can confirm whether any of these were allocated to 35 Squadron (and if possible could I have a copy of the relevant movement card)

    W1044, W1074, W9483, L9569, R9411, R9482, R9486, R9949, R9983

    The latter two may be typing errors (possibly R9449 and R9483, both of which were allocated to the squadron)

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Main areas of research:

    - CA Butler and the loss of Lancaster ME334 ( )
    - Aircrew Training (Basic / Trade / Operational / Continuation / Conversion)
    - The History of No. 35 Squadron (1916 - 1982) (

    [Always looking for copies of original documents / photographs etc relating to these subjects]

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