Hello everyone

I've been working through some local DFC and DFM recipients whose awards were reported in the Sunderland Echo during the war. I've found 80 so far, but and would like some more details for these ones, if anyone can help:

Firstly, the seven DFC awards:

COLE, James Gordon, Flt. Lt. – award reported February 23rd 1943 – need Squadron.
He reportedly later served with the USAAF’s P. R. Unit at Chalgrove as a liaison officer, and flew PR missions with them from 1944 – where could I find information about the missions?

HALL, George (DFC and Bar) – need dates, Service Nº and Squadrons for both awards (I believe he was with both 101 and 582)

KIRKHAM, Charles, F/O – award reported Wednesday July 4th 1945 (but says DFC was awarded in March 1944) – need Service Nº and Squadron

KNOX, Victor Douglas, Flt. Lt. – award reported June 11th 1943 – need Squadron

MORTON, J W, F/O – need date of award, Christian names, Service Nº and Squadron

SHOTT, Norman, Flt. Lt. – award reported August 13th 1943 – need Squadron

WAWN, Middlemost, Captain (R.A.) – award reported February 2nd 1946 – need Squadron

I've got some DFM awards too, but I'll post them on a separated thread.

If anyone can fill in some of the gaps, I'd be most grateful.