Hi there!

I've been co-researching a 98 Sqdn crash, and now I'm looking for 98/180/320 Sqdn veterans and relatives who might be interested in attending a ceremony in September, or being contacted about it, or contributing to it. The plane was FW211 (VO-Y) which flew out of RAF Dunsfold and crashed 25 Sept 1944 in Hees, Nijmegen. My great uncle was on board and was KIA.

I know that my co-researcher has been working with the 320 Sqdn Veterans Association and has contacts there, including a veteran due to attend, but any contacts that he may not have especially from 98 or 180 Squadrons, I'm sure he'd be happy to get. He's a bloody nice chap, and researches this stuff as a 'labour of love'!

Here's my blog (start reading at the bottom)…


Any questions, please ask. I'm often at Kew and at the British Library (amongst others), and I'm happy to help with others' related research.