Dear all,

A bit of a long shot!

On May 3rd 1941 whilst serving with 452 squadron, Brendan Finucane's propellor came into contact with Roy Dutton's tail.

The following is an account on wikipedia.....

'Finucane's start at No. 452 was unimpressive. On 3 May 1941 while on a recognition flight with his new commanding officer, Roy Dutton, an ace with 19 air victories, Finucane got too close and his propeller sliced through Dutton's tailplane. Finucane radioed Dutton immediately, "I have cut your tail off, leader bale out". Dutton replied, "So it seems", and attempted to abandon the aircraft but was too low and crash-landed, cracking several ribs but surviving. Despite the incident, he was Gazetted on 13 May.

Can anyone let me know if a photograph of Dutton's spitfire following the incident exists, and if so, where can I find a copy.

Many thanks