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Thread: Blenheim N6151 XV Sqn Lost 12/05/1940

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    Default Blenheim N6151 XV Sqn Lost 12/05/1940

    I found an old reference to this today on here

    "On 12/05/1940 Blenheim IV N6151 from no 15 Sqn was lost .The crew Sgt Pepper F.R. , Sgt Booth R. and LAC Scott J. became POW. Does someone have an idea were this aircraft came down ? "

    Can't help where it came down but can ID the crew

    565103 Sgt Frank Russell Pepper
    518338 Sgt Raymond Booth
    523393 LAC John Scott all POW

    I found it when looking at this article from 1942

    Thursday 02 July 1942 , Southern Reporter , Selkirkshire, Scotland


    Airman’s Emblem.
    An airman who saved his life by “baling out“ over enemy territory has had his golden caterpillar badge—the famous emblem denoting membership of the ...
    Caterpillar Club —sent to his parents, Mr and Mrs J. Scott, Easter Langlee. Sergeant J. Scott. -R.A.F., now a prisoner of war in Germany, saved his life by parachute in 1940, thus qualifying for membership of the Caterpillar Club. Only' those who haven taken to their parachutes in order
    to land safely are entitled to this distinction.

    I was trying to ID J Scott 1940 and found he was on Blenheim N6151, then it was find the rest of the crew

    btw Scott died post war and is buried YOKOHAMA WAR CEMETERY

    SCOTT, Master Signaller, John, 523393. Royal Air Force. 25th March 1953. Post War Plot D Row B Grave 2.

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    Scott was killed on 25 March 1953, when No.88 Sqn Sunderland V PP148 crashed attempting to land in heavy seas near Iwakuni, Japan. The nose broke off and the aircraft capsized. Also killed were:

    607036 F/L Michael Christopher Barnes MITCHELL RAF
    1652872 F/S Richard Cornelius HAINES RAF
    1892115 F/S John Lewis MILLGATE RAF

    Colin Cummings should be able to tell us more.


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    G'day Paul

    The Blenheim was lost in the Maastricht area.

    It was a terrible day for the squadron,as they lost seven aircraft while trying to bomb the bridges on the Albert Kanal.


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