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Thread: Ferry of 9 Catalinas to Australia in 1942 by RAF Ferry Command

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    Default Ferry of 9 Catalinas to Australia in 1942 by RAF Ferry Command


    I believe that during March and April of 1942 RAF Ferry Command flight delivered 9 Catalinas from Elizabeth City, NC, USA to Australia (Rathmines, NSW, Australia - I think) - I know this because AIR 38/24 in TNA shows a summary for these ferry flights to Australia (as well as other ferry flights of Catalinas to Manila!).

    These 9 Catalinas were part of a direct order with Consolidated under Canadian contract CAN-78.

    However a number of the Catalinas were diverted to the RAF which in turn diverted 9 to the RAAF.

    These 9 Catalinas diverted to the RAAF are as follows:

    (proposed) Canadian Serial, (proposed) RAF Serial, (actual) RAF Ferry Command Serial, (actual) RAAF Serials, Date of Delivery
    9708, VA708, V9708, A24-25, 14/4/42

    9710, VA710, V9710, A24-22, 30/3/42
    9711, VA711, , A24-26, 14/4/42
    9717, VA717, V9717, A24-27, 14/4/42
    9730, VA730, V9730, A24-23, 30/3/42
    9733, VA733, V9733, A24-24, 23/3/42
    9734, VA734, V9734, A24-19, 10/3/42
    9735, VA735, V9735, A24-20, 10/3/42
    9736, VA736, V9736, A24-21, 10/3/42

    What I'm trying to find out, with no luck whatsoever, is:

    a) Who delivered the Catalinas from the factory in San Diego to Elizabeth City?
    b) What was the exact route the ferry flights took after departing Elizabeth City?
    c) Who were the crew that delivered them to Australia?

    Any help is very very much appreciated!

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    IIRC there is a chapter about this in Consolidated PBY Catalina: The Peacetime Record
    By David Legg

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