Returning fom the Battle for Dieppe, 1942, this Spitfire Vb caught fire after the Sqn encountered free ranging FW190's over the Dieppe beaches, where it was providing cover to withdrawing ground forces during the afternoon.
Julian M Osbourne (USA) coaxed P8152 back as far as Etchingham in Sussex before baling out 'at 500ft' & in another report '1000ft'.
He landed safely quite close to his aircraft.
P8152 it is said was completely destroyed by fire.
Local legend has it P8152 lost its propellor en route which its said lies in a pond close to where 2 years ago I managed to pinpoint the site (after some struggles with innacurate map refs).
Anyhow, I now need a picture of this US pilot, to basicaly wrap up the work I've done to date in connection with this loss.
Please can anyone help, or point me in a direction that will help me achieve this single objective.
Thanking you.