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    Please can anybody help with my search for information regarding my Grandfather WW2 RAF unit, His service and release book has the following information:
    1682168 T/CPL H.S Nelson (Harold) of AMES 116 RAFVR. Service from 09-06-1942 to 15-02-1946, I have his three medals, one being for service in France, I have subscribed to the usual sites but nothing comes up for his service number or name.
    Mr Gran, his wife is still alive and says he was something to do with RADAR.
    Any information or advise where I can get the information from about his unit or other members you new him would be a great help.
    Thank you very much.
    Tom Nelson

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    AMES ofcourse stands for Air Ministry Experimental Stations - which are radar units

    116 AMES has an ORB with the National Archives. Though Coveraege seems to be only for a few months

    AIR 29/171 Description:
    116 Air Ministry Experimental Station (AMES). Unit based at various locations in France, Belgium and Germany.
    Date: 1944 Oct.-1945 July

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