Dear Guys,

I have a question for you?

On September 3, 1941 there was a strong attack on the field of Sidi Barrani and nearly LG by units of Regia Aeronautica.
It involved 1 and 2 Sqn SAAF.

But, according with ORB of 33 Sqn, even 6 + 6 Hurricanes (there is not shown the time!) made a standing patrol over an area approx. 10 miles S.W. of Sidi Barrani.

"A" Flight (To Sidi Barrani South and patrol "Jumbo"):
(What's "Jumbo"?!?)

F/L Woodward
S/L Warsden
P/O Winsland
Sgt Nourse
Sgt Inglesby
Sgt Stammers

and after "B" Flight (Sidi Haneish North to Sidi Barrani South):

Sgt Lowry
F/O Moir
Sgt McDonald
F/O Noel-Johnson
F/O Tofield
Sgt Seamer (landed at Sidi Barrani North)

In the ORB there isn't reported meeting/fighting with the Italian fighters ... but this seems strange to me!

Are there books, testimonies, pilot's Logbook where I can search better for this 33 Squadron's mission?

Regards, Daniele.