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    Default RAF fatalities 1929

    The deficiencies are obvious, but I am sure others will help:

    CARROLL, Raymond Russell, P/O - Killed 2 January 1929 in Hinaidi, passenger in a DH.9A of No.55 (Bombing) Squadron; P/O Colin Edward Victor L’Estange injured.

    CAYLEY, Edward Gordon, F/O - Killed 20 January 1929 at Duxford, in a privately owned aircraft.(member, No. 19 Squadron).

    WALSH, John Joseph, F/L, RAFO - Died 26 January 1929

    INGLE, Geoffrey Hugh Conningsby, F/O - Killed 30 January 1929 at the Armament and Gunnery School, Eastchurch in a Fairey IIIC.

    HOWICK, Frank Nelson , LAC (359373) - Died of injuries sustained 30 January 1929 at the Armament and Gunnery School, Eastchurch in a Fairey IIIC.

    JOHNSON, George Henry, AC2 (359819) - Killed 30 January 1929 at the Armament and Gunnery School, Eastchurch in a Fairey IIIC.

    CECIL, F/O Richard Francis Bain (Lt, RN) - Killed 6 February 1929, flying accident, Gibraltar, Fairey IIID of No.441 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flight, HMS Argus. With Lieutenant Andrew John Grant, RN, also killed.

    COURTNEY, Reginald Aloysius, F/L, MBE - Died 13 February 1929

    PEARCE, John William, Sergeant (244149) - Killed 18 February 1929 at Godstone, Surrey, in a Siskin III of No.25 (Fighter) Squadron. “Death by misadventure from the inhaling of fumes and the crash which caused the injuries.”

    BUCKNALL, George Anthony Fielding, F/L - Killed 28 February 1929 at Duxford in a Siskin of No.19 (Fighter) Squadron.

    SEALY-ALLIN, Patrick Nelson, F/O - Killed 1 March 1929 following collision of two Gamecocks, No.23 (Fighter) Squadron, Kenley; pilot of other machine uninjured (escaped by parachute). Aircraft involved were J8094 and J8415.

    PEACEY, Arthur John, F/O, RAFO - Death presumed on or since 9 March 1929. “We learn from the Nottingham Aero Club of an accident to one of their members last Saturday afternoon, namely, Mr. A.J. Peacey of Derby. After having 30 minutes dual with Mr. Brown, Mr. Peacey was told to go up and carry out landing practice for 20 minutes during which time he was not to leave the immediate vicinity of the aerodrome. He was observed to carry out two landings and then at 11.40 hours he disappeared, nothing further being heard of the machine until 14 hours on Sunday when a message was received from the Air Ministry to say that a D.H. Moth had been found by a German steamer 90 miles ESE of Hull. The machine was wrecked and there was no trade of the pilot. Mr. Peacey was a Flying Officer on the Reserve of Air Force Officers, and had done just over 800 hours.” (Flight. 14 March 1929).

    BURNETT, Yvon William, F/O - Killed 18 March 1929 when a Fairey IIIF of No.47 Squadron when leaving Gwebo, Southern Rhodesia returning to Cairo.

    TURNER, Thomas Condy, LAC and Acting Sergeant (362709) - Killed 18 March 1929 when a Fairey IIIF of No.47 Squadron when leaving Gwebo, Southern Rhodesia returning to Cairo.

    MOON, Francis Jack, F/O - Died 23 March 1929 in RAF Hospital, Aden, of enteric fever; recently “Brought to Notice” for operations in Aden, June to August 1928.

    GIBBS, Hugh Washbourne, P/O - Died 12 April 1929 following a motorcycle accident; member of No.16 (Army Cooperation) Squadron, Old Sarum, Salisbury.

    IONS, Eustace, P/O - Died 17 April 1929 in hospital, Poole, following an operation.

    MILNER, Lionel Treadway, P/O and Second Lieutenant, KOYLI, TA - Killed 2 May 1929 - passenger in an Atlas of No.3 Flying Training School, Grantham; 327103 Sergeant Geoffrey Leslie Williams (pilot) dangerously injured and died the same day.

    WILLIAMS, Geoffrey Leslie, Sergeant (327103) - Died of injuries, 2 May 1929 - pilot of an Atlas of No.3 Flying Training School, Grantham;

    MASON, Richard Frederick, AC1 (366351) - killed 3 May 1929; occupant of Vickers Venture machine, Home Aircraft Depot, South Mimms; the pilot (F/O Denys Stanley Thomas) uninjured.

    JACKSON, Malcolm Menzies, P/O - Killed 10 May 1929 at Netheravon in an Avro machine of No.1 Flying Training School, Netheravon; pilot and sole occupant.

    WALLIS, James Arthur George, AC1 (365027) - Drowned 13 May 1929 following accident of Fairey IIIF, No.440 (Fleet Spotter Reconnaissance) Flight, HMS Hermes. Pilot, F/O and Lieutenant (RN) James Edmund Fenton and 362521 AC1 Francis Thomas Harding, uninjured.

    SCHOLEFIELD, Edward Rodolph Clement, F/L, AFC, DCM (Retired) - Killed 16 May 1929 while testing a Vickers Vanguard; Mr. S.W. Sherratt also killed.

    BAYES, John Walden, F/O - No.19 Squadron - Killed 16 May 1929 during RAF Fighter Competition, Duxford - “crashed after righting himself from a very low roll.”

    BUTLER, Leonard, F/O, RAFO - Killed 18 May 1929; awarded AFC, June 1929.

    DUNVILLE, John Dunville, W/C, CBE, RAFO - Died at his residence, 10 June 1929 “after a long illness”

    BARRETT, Henry Baillie, F/O - Died 16 June 1929, of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

    JORGENSEN, James Ernest, P/O - Killed 17 June 1929, flying accident, No.3 Squadron, Siskin aircraft; he had represented the unit in an aerobatic competition in May.

    GROOM, Charles Benjamin, Sergeant (157686) - Killed 17 June 1929, flying accident, No.3 Squadron, Siskin aircraft; was it a two-seater ?

    ADAMS, Stanley Edward, W/C, retired - Died 19 June 1929; had retired March 1926.

    HALLIDAY, Christopher George, F/L - killed 27 June 1929, Laquait or Hinaidi, Iraq in a Wapiti of No.30 (Bomber) Squadron. 358535 AC1 John Laverty slightly injured.

    EYRE, Vickers Osborne, F/O - Died of Injuries 27 June 1929; air accident at Hendon, Siskin of No.56 Squadron. “At the inquest on Mr, Eyre which was held at Hendon on July 1, F/L .L.T. Jones said that the machines were flying in ‘V’ formation at 11,000 feet. Eyre had to pretend that he was shot down and go into a spinning nose dive. He went down to 300 feet and tried to right the machine but he left is a little too late and just as the machine was beginning to right itself it struck the ground.” Aeroplane, 3 July 1929.

    WILLIAMS, Frederick Hubert, F/L, retired - Died 30 June 1929. He had been on Retired List since 7 June 1928.

    BOOTES, Ronald Yule, P/O - Killed 2 July 1929 at Netheravon in a Atlas aircraft of No.1 Flying Training School. Pilot and sole occupant.

    DE DOMBASLE, Guy Cyril St.Pourcin, W/C, OBE - Died 7 July 1929 in a nursing home.

    SWAINE, Reginald Montague, P/O - Killed 11 July 1929 in an Avro of No.1 Flying Training School, Netheravon; had been posted there 10 March 1929.

    PRINCE, Stanley Frank, F/O - Killed 17 July 1929 in a Fairey IIIF of No.207 (Bomber) Squadron, off Skipsea East, Yorkshire. “At the inquest at Hornsea on July 18, F/L Coombe expressed the opinion that the accident was caused by an attempt on the part of the pilot to roll too low.”

    BUTTENSHAW, Edward William, LAC (363348) - Killed 17 July 1929 in a Fairey IIIF of No.207 (Bomber) Squadron, off Skipsea East, Yorkshire. “

    BENNETT, Walter Patrick Dillon, P/O, RAFO - Killed 19 July 1929 at Boreham Wood in a DH.60 of the Reserve Civil Flying School.

    WILLIAMSON, John Douglas, F/O, RAFO - Died 27 July 1929 of injuries sustained 9 July 1929 in a DH.9 of a reserve flying training school. Pilot and sole occupant.

    WHITE, Arthur Statham, F/O and Honorary F/L, RAFO - Killed 29 July 1929

    CAULFEILD, Jack Harley, F/O - Died 30 July 1929 at Houslow Hospital, “as a result of a flying accident.”

    WALLACE, Michael Hugh, Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry - Died 2 August 1929

    JONES, W G Walter George, F/O - Died 4 August 1929

    ESLER, Dermott Patrick Howard, P/O, RAFO - Died of Injuries 5 August 1929

    GARDNER, Herbert Patrick Legge, F/O , RAFO - Died 11 August 1929

    JONES, Charles Henry, F/O - Killed 14 August 1929 in crash of Gamecock J7914, Sutton Bridge. No.23 Squadron. “The machine took off normally but seemed to turn too steeply and hit the ground with the engine full on. The machine, which had 200 rounds of ammunition on board, caught fire on impact.”

    WILSON, John, P/O - Killed 24 August 1929 in a Victoria machine of No.216 Squadron, Heliopolis; second pilot.

    MELVILLE, John, Sergeant (86011) - Killed 24 August 1929 in a Victoria machine of No.216 Squadron, Heliopolis; pilot.

    LANGAN, Charles Ernest, LAC (335956) - Killed 24 August 1929 in a Victoria machine of No.216 Squadron, Heliopolis.

    CREED, Mervyn Henry, LAC (354179) - Died of injuries, 24 August 1929 sustained in crash of a a Victoria machine of No.216 Squadron, Heliopolis.

    GROSVENOR, Lord Edward Arthur, S/L, AAF - Died 26 August 1929

    WOODBRIDGE, Albert Edward, F/L, RAFO - Killed 6 September 1929 in a night landing accident.

    LUCAS, Lawrence Errington Jeff, P/O - Killed 10 September 1929 in a Siskin of No.17 (Fighter) Squadron, Upavon.

    LANE, Ernest George Pritchard, LAC (364690) - Killed 23 September 1929 at No.3 Flying Training School, Grantham “as a result of a flying accident,” Atlas aircraft. F/L Reginald Pyne, DFC, dangerously injured.

    SOMERSET, Edward V., Coldstream Guards, Guards Depot - Killed 23 September 1929 at Hambrook, near Bristol “as a result of a flying accident.” There may have been another officer named Titark also.

    KELLY, Thomas White, LAC (351620) - Killed 10 October 1929 t No.1 Flying Training School, Netheravon; collision of two Atlas aircraft (pilot and sole occupant); pilot of other machine, P/O Hugh Dunsmuir Primrose, dangerously injured.

    CLARKE, John, F/O - Killed 11 October 1929 while taking off in a Siskin of No.29 Squadron at Brough; “It appears that he got into a bump and one wing dropped onto the shed as he was passing over it; the machine burst into flames as it fell.”

    WALMSLEY, William, Corporal (33670) - killed 24 October 1929 near Baghdad, occupant of a DH.9A of No.55 (Bomber) Squadron. The pilot, F/O Edmond John Hugh Fulford Moreton, slightly injured.

    BIRT, Lascelles Spence, F/O, RAFO - Killed 25 October 1929 - “One of the Calcutta flying boats, the City of Rome, running on the Alexandria-Genoa Imperial Airways route was lost about ten miles southwest of Spezia on Saturday, October 26. It appears that heavy weather caused her to come down and she subsequently sank with the loss of all hands. Seven people were on board, including the pilot, Captain L.S. Birt, the flight engineer, wireless operator and four passengers, and up to date three of the bodies have been recovered. The wireless operator succeeded in sending as S.O.S. before they landed but no ship with wireless seems to have been in the vicinity. A tug, the Famiglia, sighted the boat and got her in tow, but the terrific seas carried away the tow rope and the tug lost sight of her and returned to Spezzia. We deal further with this regrettable disaster in our Editorial Comment.” Flight, 1 November 1929.

    WILSON, Robert Henry, AC2 (370380) - Killed 28 October 1929 in a Horsley of No.36 (Torpedo Bomber) Squadron, Donibristle, Fife. The pilot, F/L Alexander Harold James Howlett, slightly injured; he was killed in November 1930.

    WARD, Albert Rees, F/O - Killed 28 October 1929; accident in Hong Kong harbour involving a Fairey IIID of No.442 (Fleet Reconnaissance Spotter) Flight, Kai Tak. He was pilot; other occupants uninjured.

    HALLIWELL, John Hassall, F/O, RAFO and Captain, TARO - Died 5 November 1929

    FORBES, Harold Vernon, F/O - Died of Injuries 3 December 1929 following accident in a Bristol Fighter, Home Aircraft Depot, Henlow Camp. He was pilot. Other occupant, F/O Donald Vernon Ivins, seriously injured. Seen that day flying over Clifton upside down at 100 feet.

    JENKINS, Norman Hugh, F/L, OBE, DFC,DSM - Killed 17 December 1929 with S/L A.G. Jones-Williams. Fairey Postal aircraft (J9479) departed Cranwell for an attempted non-stop flight to Capetown, South Africa. Crashed into mountains south of Tunis.

    JONES-WILLIAMS, Arthur Gordon, S/L MC - Killed 17 December 1929 with F/L N.H. Jenkins. Fairey aircraft departed Cranwell for an attempted non-stop flight to Capetown, South Africa. Crashed into mountains south of Tunis.

    SIMMS, Charles John, F/L, DFC - Died 30 December 1929

    LAWSON, James Francis, F/L AFC - motor accident, 30 December 1929. On staff of Headquarters, Inland Area since June 1928.,

    SIMS, Charles John, F/L, DFC - 30 December 1929, at Farnborough, apparently on duty with School of Photography.
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    Some more for 1929

    20 Jan Cayley, A/c was a civilian Moth, The Times
    30 Jan Johnson, IIIC N9759, FAA A/c 1920-
    6 Feb Cecil/Grant, IIID S1023, Do.
    2 May Williams/Milner, Atlas J9470, J File
    3 May Mason, Venture J7280, J File
    13 May Wallis et al, IIIF S1304, overside HMS Hermes, Hong Kong, FAA A/c 1920-
    16 May Scholefield/Sherratt, Vanguard G-EBCP (J6924), tail overstressed, Shepperton, Putnam
    16 May Bayes, a/c was a Siskin, The Times
    17 Jun Jorgensen, Siskin J9196, wings folded back at Netheravon, J File
    27 Jun Eyre, Siskin J8949, J File
    23 Sep Lane/Pyne, Atlas J9471 at Harrowby Hill Farm Grantham, J File
    23 Sep Somerset & TIARKS Edward |Matthias, type unknown, The bTimes
    10 Oct Kelly/Primrose, Atlas J9440 & J9437, J File
    28 Oct Wilson, Horsley S1245, my own database
    28 Oct Ward, IIID S1018, FAA A/c 1920-
    3 Dec Forbes et al, Brisfit J8454, J File


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    More for 1929:

    20/01/19 - CAYLEY - De Havilland D.H.60 Moth G-EBPS.
    18/02/29 - PEARCE - Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA J9319.
    09/03/29 - PEACEY - De Havilland D.H.60X Moth G-AABA.
    19/07/29 - BENNETT - De Havilland D.H.60X Moth G-EBZS.
    27/07/29 - WILLIAMSON - De Havilland D.H9J G-EBOQ - Armstrong Whitworth Reserve School, Whitley. Stalled at 400 feet flat turn approach, crashed heavily three fields outside airfield 09/07/29.
    06/09/29 - WOODBRIDGE - Imperial Airways De Havilland D.H.66 Hercules 'City of Jerusalem'. Destroyed by fire after stalling on night approach to Jask, Persia - 3 crew, 2 passengers killed.
    23-09/29 - SOMERSET/TIARKS - De Havilland D.H.60M Moth G-AAHB. Rebuilt as G-AASR (c/n.1441).
    24/10/29 - WALMSLEY - De Havilland D.H.9A J8176 (No.55 Sqn.). While low flying, hit signpost and crashed nr. Diyala, 2m SE of Lancaster Bridge, nr, Hinaidi.
    26/10/29 - BIRT - Imperial Airways Short S.8 Calcutta 'City of Rome' G-AADN. All hands (7), lost.

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    Here are a few:

    COURTNEY, Reginald Aloysius - died at the R.A.F. Hospital, Cranwell - source is the National Probate Calendar.

    BUTLER, Leonard - The Dover Express of May 24 1929 reports that he was "one of the airmen" killed at Letchworth whilst practising for a flying display, due to have been given by a manufacturing company. He was the brother of Maidstone's Chief Constable.
    The Eastern Gazette of May 31st 1929, reports the two airmen were killed: Captain Leonard Butler and Mr. Hilbert G. Hamer, who co-incidentally was the son of the Chief Constable of Barnsley. This report states that the plane crashed at Odsey, Cambridgeshire, after "it looped the loop twice. The engine was shut off, and the machine descended in a nose spiral and dived to the ground."
    The ASN website has DH.60 Moth G-EBUW, owned by the Irving Air Chute Company.

    WALLACE, Michael Hugh - died at Hinaidi - source is the National Probate Calendar. The Dundee Courier of August 3rd reports that he died of malaria.

    ESLER, Dermott Patrick Howard - there are several newspaper reports covering this one. The Dundee Courier of July 5th 1929 reports that two people were killed and one injured in an Avro private aircraft crash at Stag Lane Aerodrome, Edgware, at 9.30 on July 4th. Those killed in the crash were Mr. W. J Williams and Mr. Anthony Barnett. The third man is Elser, of Shoreham. The Derby Daily Telegraph of July 8th reports that the enquiry found that the aircraft crashed due to an error of judgement by the pilot, as he tried to land downwind. The Yorkshire Post of August 10th reports Esler's death due to multiple injuries. He is described as a journalist.

    GROSVENOR, Lord Edward Arthur - the Yorkshire Post of August 27th reports his death on the Isle of Wight, aged 37.

    HALLIWELL, John Hassall - died at North Lonsdale Hospital, Barrow-in-Furness - source is the National Probate Calendar.

    SIMS, Charles John D.F.C. - the Hartlepool Mail of December 31st reports that he was found dead in his bedroom at the Officers' Mess, R.A.F. Farnborough, by his batman. He died of a gunshot wound, and a revolver was found near by his body. It reports "only 30 years of age, he was regarded as a brilliant officer, especially in research work. at the age of 18 1/2 years he won the D.F.C. during the war for attacking from very low altitude some Fokker biplanes."
    "His state of mind was normal, but he was put on special work because of his health. [His batman] found Sims lying on the floor. The room was disordered, and the drawers had been turned out...An open verdict was recorded."

    The Western Gazette of January 3rd reports "Squadron Leader Costello, senior medical officer, said that after Sims' return from Irak [sic] recently he had to go into hospital. He was unfit for service abroad, and partly owing to his highly-developed intelligence he had a neurasthenic aspect, but he was definitely not 'mental'". Squadron Leader Costello described the track of the wound, and said it seemed a difficult one for an intentional self-inflicted wound."


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    SCHOLEFIELD, Edward Rodolph Clement, F/L, AFC, DCM (Retired) - Killed 16 May 1929 while testing a Vickers Vanguard; "Mr. S.W. Sherratt" also killed

    Frank William Sherratt (aged 29)

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    With what Simon has to say (Post #4), on ESLER, Dermott Patrick Howard (05/08/29 - D.O.I.), I have the following:

    Avro 504K - G-AAED - A/c. registered to John Sale and Anthony Barnett 28/01/29. Crashed at Stag Lane 04/07/29.

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    Came across this one, during a Lionel name, internet search engine (for family history, non aviation related), in 1929? ...

    Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer West Yorkshire, England, 3 May 1929.

    R.A.F. 'PLANE CRASHES FROM 2,000 FEET. Doncaster Officer Killed and Pilot Injured. TRAINING SCHOOL MISHAP. Pilot-Officer Lionel T. Milner, whose home ...

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