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    Looking for any additional information on the following losses, other than what is recorded in the excellent BCL volumes, I am missing crash locations and cause on a few. Any help or pointers most welcome. Each of the crews were at one stage operational with No.623 Squadron ( No.3 Group) before it disbanded in December 1943.

    27.01.1944 Berlin. 115 Squadron LL682 KO-P

    Take off Witchford at 1757hrs. Last heard on W/T at 0055hrs transmitting a weak SOS. The transmission was extremely weak but put the Lancaster on a bearing of 020 degrees from RAF Binbrook. An intense ASR search was undertaken but sadly nothing was found of the young crew.

    22.04.1944 Dusseldorf : 115 squadron ND753 A4-K

    The crew took off from RAF Witchford at 23:02hrs, hit by flak and crashed at Unterrath in the northern outskirts of Dusseldorf, bursting into flames. All the crew of which six were original 623 Squadron members are buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

    22.04.1944 : Dusseldorf : 7 PFF squadron ND353 MG-N

    Flight Lieutenant McGillivray, Prisoners of War. Two possible candidates for this loss. Lt Otto Schwamb of 8./JG302 a wilde Sau FW190 equipped unit at 01.15hrs. There also a possibility that the aircraft was attacked and shot down by Hmpt Ernst- Modrow of 1./NJG1Wilhem at 01.10hrs ? Crash location ?

    24.12.1943 : Berlin : 514 Squadron LL671 JI-B2

    Failed to return from an attack on Berlin 23/24th December 1943. The Lancaster crashed near Osteim-Frieburg Germany. Six of the original crew including 25-year-old Kenneth Whitting were killed. He and his crew are buried in the Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany. Cause?

    24.02.1944 : Schweinfurt : 115 Squadron LL701 KO-F

    Flight Lieutenant Hornby and crew departed RAF Witchford at 18.50hrs. All the crew were killed and their names are recorded on the Runnymede Memorial. Of the original crew that joined No.623 Squadron five were aboard LL701. Cause / Crash location ?

    Thanks in advance

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