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Thread: 10 and 101 Squadron ORB look up please?

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    Default 10 and 101 Squadron ORB look up please?

    Morning all

    I am onto researching the next phase of my Grandfathers service now. I've got ORBs for his other squadrons and HCU but now I'm looking into the following periods -
    He transferred to 10 Squadron in April - May 1943 at RAF Melbourne from 12 OTU. He had been forming his crew and this transfer was likely to continue training on the Gee Navigational aid. I wonder if the ORB says anything of his training flights.
    From here, 2 months later, he went to 1652 HCU to continue training on a Halifax and complete his training.

    He spent a period at 102 Squadron at RAF Picklington from June to November 1943 but I have these ORBs.

    He moved to 101 Squadron at RAF Ludford Magna early 1944 - November 1944. He was possibly Squadron Navigation Leader so I'm keen to see if the ORB contains any info on who he was training or what he was doing himself.
    If you have them would anybody mind having a quick scan of the ORBs to see if the name Norman A.Quick 130698 comes up and in what context please?
    If there is a lot in there then I'll look into buying them. Many thanks. Sam

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    Hi Sam
    I have looked at the 10 Squadron Orbs 5 4 43 to 10 5 43 N A Quick arrived at Melbourne with crew Captained by Squadron Leader Raffel
    the crew without S/L Raffel went to H C U 1652 on the 10 5 43 S/L Raffel was posted to Pocklington on the 27 4 43 In the operational orbs for this period there Is no mention of the above crew
    Harold Dummer.

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