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Thread: A Puzle By Chorley

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    klaasvanderheide Guest

    Default A Puzle By Chorley

    Dear all.
    On page 99 of Vol 5 1944, in Chorley he has Lanc ND526 LQ-R missing from Schweinfurt and on page 242 Lamc ND526 LQ-M missing from Aachen which one is correct ??
    And who has got the answer ??

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    Hi Klass

    you are not the first to be confused by these entries. It was discussed a few years ago on the old board: 6&archive=yes


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    Default ND526 to JB668 and others too


    For what its worth, I looked at these when I first got the Chorley book and it starts with a small correction to be made on page 18 . 12 Sqdn ND325 "PM-C" shouldn't it be "PH-C"?
    Without looking at further volumes to see if there has been a correction.

    And on page 226
    15-16 May 1944
    576 Sqn MB576 UL-X2
    Should it not be ME726 ?

    Page 35
    14-15 Jan 1944
    626 Ssqn MB576 UM-A2

    On page 243
    A print error I beleive
    640 Sqn LW673 "C8-V"
    Should it not be MZ675 ?

    Page 325
    630 Sqn NE688 should be ND688 again I beleive printers error.

    Page 347 625 Sqn LM714 again printers error should read I beleive LM174.

    Page 354
    627 Sqn DZ636 I think should be 692 Sqn
    and add 627 Sqn DZ534 ditched off Cherburg 27-7-44.

    Page 513
    50 Sqn LM656 should it be LM676 ?

    and to round off
    Page 524
    170 Sqn PD206 "TL-B" shouldn't it read as "TC-B" ?

    If I recall this particular volume (vol 5) was finnished in a bit of a hurry I do not recall where I got that from but then it was now some years ago. And concidering the wealth of information and work that was done to produce this one volume alone it can be expected that at some stage there would be errors made.

    All the best, looking forward to replies.


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    klaasvanderheide Guest

    Default Chorley,s puzzle

    It is far from me to critisize our mutual friend Chorley, but it struck me and apparently more of those discrepancies have happened.
    Nevertheless i consider Chorleys books as my bible
    I realise the best source for the information would be the ORB,s of 405 squadron, but alass the clerks in that sq only used the radioletter and not the serialnumbers.
    Thanks for your answer.

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