My apologies for posting a USAAF query here but I've been attempting, without success, to determine either the planned or actual altitudes of US bombers which bombed immediately prior to the first wave of seaborne troops touching down on D-day. I should add the bombing attack was complicated by a continuous cover of cloud between 9000 and 12000 ft.

The B-24s of the 9th USAAF, tasked to support the landings on UTAH, probably operated at about 14000-15000 ft (, although some descended below 7000 ft to bomb visually under the overcast (J Fuller Thor's Legions, page 95, and Ninth Air Force: April to November 1944 (

However, for the life of me I've been unable to find a definitive value for the Eight Air Force bombers (, although I suspect it was 15000-18000 ft.

I've probably missed something glaringly obvious, but I'd be grateful for any suggestion as to where I might find the answer.