Dear all,

For the research of the NJWD 2nd edition, I have a couple of questions re. three bomber losses during the 20-21 July 1944 Courtrai and Homberg raids:

-What was the cause of loss of 467 Squadron Lancaster LM101 (1st wave Courtrai raid) in the target area?
-What was the cause of loss of 101 Squadron Lancaster W4967 (2nd wave Courtrai raid) in the target area?

-Who can provide details from the combat report of 115 Squadron Lancaster LM510, which was badly shot up by a NF and crashed upon return at Woodbridge. Especially any details of the location & time of the NF attack would be very useful!

-During the Courtrai raid, a twin-engined fighter was claimed shot down in a ball of fire by the gunners of 106 Squadron Lancaster LM211; the fighter was seen to explode on the ground at 01.07 hrs. Who can provide the location where the fighter crashed, and which is probably mentioned in the Combat Report?

Cheers and thanks for any info!