Hello All,

Before, during, and immediately after, WW2 if you Enlisted in the RAF/RAFVR you got one Service Number. If you were subsequently Commissioned you got another Service Number. At some stage this procedure was dropped. I have, for some time, been trying to find out – without too much success - when this occurred. UREKA! I was digging in the LG when I found the date on which my bloke was Commissioned – 30 Apr 52. The LG entry, though, sticks to its ‘usual’ format :- Enlisted Number, Full Name, (Officer Number). Both numbers in this case (and many either side of that entry) are the same!! Thus, by 30 Apr 52, we are into the “only one number” era. Can one hazard a guess that the formal change in the number system was wef 1 Apr 52? I simply give you this for what it is worth!
Peter Davies