I'm currently trying to find out more information concerning a nightfighter attack on a 428 Sqn Halifax V, LK908, on the night of the 22/10/43. The aircraft took off from Middle St George at 17.17 on an operation to Kassel. The crew at this time were:

1049445 Sgt Sykes E J (P)
1020731 Sgt Graham T
R154103 Sgt Ovendon C
R53177 Sgt Nule A C (could be Jule, typing in ORB is unclear) (FE)
1127272 Sgt Bibby G H
1821792 Sgt Stuart P (MUG)
R169994 Sgt Clemenhagen W (RG)

The crew were on their 6th operation, the pilot on his 7th. The squadron ORB describes their operation as follows:

"Primary target bombed on time from a height of 20 000'. Bombing results unknown, but thought to be good. Rear guner killed, mid-upper gunner injured. Navigator acute shock. Bombed target on PFF. Battle damage forced aircraft down to 15 000', no equipment failure: however flak damage to aircraft in target area. Landed at Snetterton Heath".

The aircraft landed at 23.30.

The pilot recoded in his log book:

"D.C.O. Kassel. 3 fighter attacks. Coned. Rear gunner killed. Kite badly shot up. Crash land Snetterton Heath"

He later added:

"R/G "had it", hit in first attack. 2nd bash from flank. 3rd "belly rake". Engineer hit. 2 small fires. MUG trapped in turret. Oxygen U/S. Hydraulics burst. Rudder U/S. A.C "fell" from 21 000' to 10 000' out of control.

Commissioned 24/10/43. Sgt Jule F/E & Sgt Stuart MUG awarded DFM". (The last line appears to relate to this operation)

Would anyone happen to have any further details of this attack, specifically is there any record of where & when in the evening it took place & what was the other aircraft involved? In addition, would anyone happen to have details of the FE & MUG's DFM citations which might shed more light on what happened inside that aircraft during & after the attack?

Any further information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks