The crossfire of threads requesting loss data of several aircraft and Flying Officers is part of the argumentation in an identity claim of a RAF Flying Officer buried as unknown in France. This part of the argumentation involves the loss data of 298 F/O's lost during a 5 month's period prior to the burial of this unknown. The idea is that the logical process of elimination, which is really the only tool available to us, shall exclude most, and hopefully all but one, as candidates for this grave. Considering the high number of 298, chances of succes may seem small. But the list of realistic candidates has already shrunk to 40, pending the data I requested via the forum, and after sterling service from Henk Welting. Asking the MoD (JCCC) & CWGC & RAF AHB to perform such a search, would most likely not yield results within a foreseeable period of time. And if it would, then still we would want to check for ourselves. Any help is most appreciated. If this case shall be declared closed, I shall report via the forum about the results.