P/O William Daniel Disbrey ended up as a Air Vice-Marshal

However during 8 days in 1934 he wrote off two 3 Sqn Bulldogs

Incident 1: 3 Sqn ORB: P/O William Daniel Disbrey 3 Sqn, during night flying turned over an aircraft Bulldog K1605 Airframe wrote off, engine repairable at Unit.

Air Britain The K File has the date 07-JUN-1934 for this

Incident 2: K2487 Bristol Bulldog Mk.IIA RAF 3 Sqn -" Overturned on landing & DBR". This is actually this incident "A Royal Air Force single seater
aeroplane was wrecked in a field close to Kingston by-pass road, Kingston Vale, Surrey, to-day, when the pilot had to make a forced
owing to shortage of petrol. The pilot had a remarkable escape from injury. The machine narrowly missed an oak tree and went a few yards over
the hedge and crashed in a field. The pilot just before the crash was able to jump clear. He landed safely in a field. The plane was smashed to pieces"

3 Sqn ORB has 1/6/1934 - Forced Landing Pilot Officer W.D. Disbery forced landed at Robin Hood Gate, Surrey owing to petrol failure. Aircraft wrote off, engine to makers for overhaul

It is of course possible that the recording of the incidents has become confused. But no wonder Disbery picked a horse shoe on landing after the second incident