I need some help with first names and service numbers of the following air gunners from No.115 Squadron that made combat claims during 1942.

With reservation for the spelling of these names.

Sgt Reeves: claimed a destroyed Me 110 on the night 19/May 1942, pilot F/Sgt H Hyde, RAF, 1282534

Sgt J Stansall: claimed a “possible” S/E U/A on the night 4/5 September 1942, pilot P/O J D Berry (or could this be P/O J E Perry, RAAF, Aus.402751)

Sgt W S Pearce: claimed a probable U/I E/A on the night 10/11 September 1942, pilot Sgt J C Hickman, RAF, 1256892

Sgt J Betteridge: claimed a damaged T/E E/A on the night 6/7 October 1942, pilot Sgt H Pate, RCAF, R.97527

Sgt K Strange: claimed a damaged Ju 88 on the night 22/23 November 1942, pilot Sgt K. Pudsey, RAF, 1134434

Thanks in advance,