Hi guys

Not sure if this has been discussed previously, but on this date occurred several clashes between mainly Spitfires and Bf109s off Dover and in that general area, which resulted in at least 16 Bf109s being lost; six Spitfires lost in return.

My records show:
06:30-08:27 74 Sqn 8+4 damaged
0932:10:32 64 Sqn 2+1probable
09:45-10:45 74 Sqn 1+1probable+3 damaged
1145-12:34 64 Sqn 1+2probables+3 damaged
12:47-14:30 111 Sqn 1
13:53-14:45 74 Sqn 4+1 damaged

I/II and III/JG2 lost eight Bf109s
3./JG3 lost 2 Bf109s
7./JG26 lost 1 Bf109
I/II and III/JG27 lost 4 Bf109s
5./JG51 lost 1 Bf109

So, which squadrons battled with which Staffeln? Presumably 74 Sqn scored against JG2 in the morning, and against JG27 in the afternoon?

Hopefully, sorting this out will keep one or more busy for a while!