Excerpts from diary of No.4 Elementary Flying Training School, Windsor Mills, Quebec:

24 September 1942

Boeing Stratoliner “Comanche” landed to day at 1320 hours direct from Scotland on account of carburetor trouble in three of the four motors. The following were on board -Major General Clarke, General Gilkerson, General Larkin, Lieutenant-Colonel Jackson, Colonel Slocum, L.A. Gason, Mr. Culbert, Captain Terry, pilot and other crew members. A second Stratoliner, the “Cherokee”, arrived at 1700 hours to take away personnel and mail, but damaged two flaps on landing. The Beechcraft and Goose finally took passengers to Dorval en route to Washington, while the “Cherokee” finally took off in the evening....Lieutenant-Colonel Jackson, mail courier, remained overnight in Officers’ Quarters.

25 September 1942

Boeing 247D arrived with mechanics from Washington to repair carburetor in Stratoliner “Comanche”. Lieutenant-Colonel Jackson took his mail on to Washington on this plane.

26 September 1942

The Boeing Stratoliner made several test flights in the afternoon before finally leaving for Washington at 1730 hours. Before leaving, the supervisory staff and company officials for taken for flights, with local pilots being given opportunity to handle control in flight.