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Thread: 1533 BAT RAF Lawford Heath and HN311 19 Feb 45

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    Default 1533 BAT RAF Lawford Heath and HN311 19 Feb 45


    I am researching the fatal accident of HN311 which crashed during foggy conditions on approach to RAF Lawford Heath at about 0950 on the 19 Feb 45.

    In particular I am after information on beam approach training. Does anyone know at what distance the outer and inner marker were from the threshold? I have a partial copy from Air Publication 1751 which gives a height over the beacon of 600' desending to 100' at the inner marker. This would imply the outer would be just over 1.5 miles out asuming a 3 dergree descent. I would like to get a copy of this publiction, does anyone know of a source?

    The two pilots, W/O Frank Needham and Sgt Eric Kershaw, the only information I have is there burial location, can anyone shed light on there service record?

    I am a former RAF Officer and current commercial pilot and some what new to the research business. I have the days weather, courtesy of the Met Office and a copy of the crash card for HN311. This is of local interest to me and would apreciate any information or guidence in where to look next.



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    Well contact the RAF Museum Dept of Research and Information Services (DORIS) at Hendon for a copy of the AP 1751.

    As to the service records of Needham and Kershaw, you might find an approach to the Air Historical Branch at RAF Northolt might provide linked information. There is a relatively new process called the Defence Publications Service. Whilst this will cost money and requires you to complete an enquiry form, I have found it useful for my particular purposes. The formal Record of Service for the two men is an ideal outcome, but it might prove lengthy to get that sorted via the Veterans Agency.

    Colin Cummings

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