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    ramcalgary Guest

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    My father Allan Murray, of Lousana Alberta, served with the 438 in WW2. He passed last year in December.

    It is diffficult to find any information on anyone he served with. Dad did not talk much about the war until he got older and then he just repeated the same few stories.

    My father was only 5'4" and was nicknamed the Mole since he used to did a hole and pull pieces of armor over it for safety during bombing raids.

    Any information or pictures of the 438 would be greatly appreciated.

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    Timothy Dubé Guest

    Default 438 Squadron

    You can have your local library borrow the 438 Squadron Operational Records Book and their Appendices from Library and Archives Canada (Microfilm Reel C-12317). This will provide you with the daily activities of the squadron (540 Form) with the details of each operational sortie (541 Form). Here is the link for the procedures for your library to borrow this microfilm.

    Timothy Dubé
    Chairman, Ottawa Chapter
    Canadian Aviation Historical Society

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