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Thread: F/O herbert Turton RAFVR 83 sqn

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    Default F/O herbert Turton RAFVR 83 sqn

    hi there,
    im the grandson of the above mentioned, who was on board PB188 From conningsby on 11th November 1944, which was shot down over Germany. Ten years ago I researched this and I'm trying again now, a quick google threw this up from 10 years ago :

    now, the links to those photos don't work, but both me and my dad would love to know if these photos of my grandad in a POW camp still exist, so would be grateful if anyone can help.

    further, I looked at lost which suggests that grandad went to a hospital rather than pow camp. We have letters and telegrams from the Red Cross and grandad that he escaped from somewhere, but as the link above suggest, no one can prove this.

    any help with either matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you seen the original post on the worldwar2exraf website?

    The links to the photos still don't work, but it shows who posted the query.

    You may also want to post this question in the General Category here on RAFCommands - I think more people will see it there.



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