Good morning - It's a bit of a long-shot, but I'm hoping for some clues to unravelling a minor mystery relating to a name on a war memorial.

I work at a College in Sussex and have started to research the ten names on our memorial to ex-students and staff who gave their lives in the Second World War. I have identified 8 so far, but two currently elude me. One is "D. Mitchell", and predictably the difficulty lies in the fact that there are a number of possible candidates (Army and Air Force); the other is perhaps a more achievable challenge though. He is named as "H.G. Saxton", but CWGC has nobody of that name listed; it does, however, show three men with the initials G.H. Saxton. One was Driver Geoffrey Hurndall Saxton, RASC; another was Sapper George Henry Saxton, RE. The third was RAFVR, hence my enquiry on this forum. He was:

1499180 Sgt (pilot) George Henry Saxton, 9 Sqdn. His Lancaster MkIII ED-589 WS-P was shot down over Holland by a night-fighter en route to Pilsen on the night of 13/14 May 1943 with the loss of all the crew, two of whom are buried in Holland and the rest, including George Saxton, are commemorated at Runnymede.

In order to discover if this is our man or not, I think I need to find some biographical information - even just his place of birth/residence, for example, would help (I have found one unsubstantiated suggestion he was born in Carlisle, but nothing else). Does anybody have any clues, guidance or information which might help?

Many thanks, Pat