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Thread: 450317 - Unaccounted Airwomen & Airmen - 17-03-1945

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    1244037 AC1 Robert BANNER RAFVR.

    BANNER, Aircraftman 1st Class Robert, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (1244037). Henlow, Beds, Maintenance Command, 17 March 1945, Died, AC1 Banner's wife* was killed in the same incident, Age 24, Woolwich, London, Plumstead Cemetery London.


    See: Failed To Return, Part 2, A-B/Hobson/N&MP/2019/p.366.

    Probably killed when a V-2 struck the Jackson Street, Woolwich area on 17 March, 1945.

    'BIG BEN' (V-2) Incidents March 1945.

    Incident No.1037 - 17th - 0811 - Woolwich.

    See: The Blitz Then & Now Vol.3/Ramsey/BoB Prints/1990/pp.533-4.

    I imagine there would have been other casualties in the Woolwich area due to the V-2 incident. I had a quick look at those in the Woolwich Metropolitan Borough (CWGC), and found at least another ten, including Banner's wife, May.

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