my Father 535599 Eustice.K in sept 1939 AC1 A Flight 80 (F) sqn Helwan Cairo
oct 1940 274 sqn this is where he looked after 'Imshi' Mason
there are photos of aircraft wreakage which my son-in-law (ex RAF) said was italian
Dad was mentioned in dispatches (Mum said he pulled someone out of an aircraft)
MID Leading Aircraftman K.R.Eustice 11 June 1942
In his album of his lengthy time in Egypt before and up to the end of the war I came across an Italian regimental
postcard with a message, address, censor stamp and a postage stamp, curious to find out more about it
'' 204 Battaglione Genio Della IV Divisione CC.NN'' the address is Roma
not sure about attaching or post on gallery?