A friend in Sydney [who was a former RAFC member] has sent me this article from the Sydney newspaper SMH and asked me to post it for her

"In the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday there was a notice by someone from Norway looking for family members for an RAAF airman killed during the crash of a Stirling aircraft in Feb 1945 at Holen Lake, Arendal, Norway.
His name is Warrant Officer Joseph Dalglish Stevenson, wireless operator/gunner - RAAF Squadron 196. I assume that there will be a memorial service as from what I could glean from the internet a piece of the aircraft has been found. There is quite a bit online about the crash/memorials etc but nothing about this family.
I had a look online and found that Joseph's father died in 1964; also tragically his brother Robert was killed in 1941 - who was a stoker on HMAS Sydney. http://naa.gov.au/collection/fact-sheets/fs111.aspx (article about HMAS Sydney). Nothing about an obituary for his mother though.
I did also find a notice in the newspaper archive from his parents under Joseph's name but not much else re family

In RAF commands the 2005 archives show that there were a couple of entries regarding the loss of the Stirling - with posts from a John Williams of Australia in which he says Joseph was 'a local lad'. If I could post a message to the site ( I used to be a member) I would ask for John Williams or any of the other crew families for anything they know about this airman. I have tried in the past to renew my membership and/or find my password but have had no replies.
I wonder if you would mind sending a message to the site asking if anyone knows anything about the family with a request for John Williams. These postings were in 2005 however which seems such a long time ago. http://www.rafcommands.com/archive/08093.php
Please let me know what you think Anne. The article in the paper has a name and email address in Norway but I wouldn't want to publish that online. Any information gleaned from a posting to RAF Commands will be sent on to the writer "

Anyone can help ? My email is storm04ATglobalnet.co.uk [sub AT for @] I will send on replies