Anyone have any info on a 10 Sqn Halifax III LV858 (ZA-J code) shot down near Tergnier on 10/11 April 1944. Some online sources (Nightfighter war diaries) show it was shot down at 00.01h on 11 April by Hptm Kurt Fladrich from 9. / NJG 4. about 1km north of Lechelle

The 3 escape reports from the crew (Officers - Coller, Alliston and Street. Barnes and the rear gunnnr were KIA and 3 others were POW) say they landed by parachute 0.5 mile SW of Berzy-le-Sec (this is 50km south of where Fladrich says he shot it down at 3,500m). They also say that they visited the crash site near Berzy with the French resistance.

If anyone has any updated info or German nightfighter reports or crash site info that would be great.