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  1. paulmcmillan said:


    30/05/27: P/O Miller - died from injuries, details not yet identified

    CFS Fatal Accidents Nov 1926 to May 1930
    May 30th. 1927, at Easton-on-the- Hill Flying Officer Horace Millar killed and Flying Officer" E. Gwyn Horden " Injured.
    Avro Lynx - Can't identify Flying Officer" E. Gwyn Horden - Now Identified as Flying Officer Edmund Gwyn Hordern

    Western Daily Press - Tuesday 31 May 1927 KILLED WHILE PRACTISING. Flying Officer's Death at Wittering. Flying Officer Horace Miller, aged 30, died last evening in Peterborough Infirmary from injuries received a forced landing near Wittering Aerodrome, yesterday. His machine was wrecked and he received severe injuries to his head. He died an hour after admission to the hospital. On inquiry last evening at Wittering Aerodrome the Press was informed that Flying Officer Miller, who was an experienced pilot, was practising false landings " when his machine, a two-seater Avro, crashed.. He was going through & course training prior to becoming an instructor. Flying Officer Miller was accompanied Flying Officer Horbern (Sic), both being members of the R.A.F. Flying School, Stamford. They were flying at Easton at height of 500 feet when they werj seen to be endeavouring land. When about feet from the ground the aeroplane crashed. Horbern was taken to the Central Flying School Hospital and last night was stated to in a serious condition. This makes the twenty-fifth death as the result of R.A.F. crashes this year.
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    16/06/27: Acft & cause of loss details for F/O Bell / Baggs (Sopwith Snipe)

    Flight.-Lieut. Huntley William Baggs and Flying Officer Sidney Fleetwood Bell

    A.P/O. William Leonard Wright and A/Sgt. Leslie George Tarrant
    lost their lives and F/O. Percy Don Walker was slightly
    injured as the result of a collision in the air between two Royal
    Air Force aircraft which occurred in Lincolnshire on July 25. Tarrant and Walker in Blenheim
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    25/07/39: A/Sgt Tarrant - the inquest is reported in the Lincolnshire Echo on July 27th 1939, and the article states that Sgt George Leslie Tarrant and APO Wiliam Leonard Wright were killed when a Blenheim of 23 Sqn and a Hart collided. Wright was the pilot of the Hart, and the pilot of the Blenheim was F/O P D Walker, and Tarrant was his observer. All three airmen attempted to use their parachutes, with only Walker escaping with his life.


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    Simon I am sure Lincolnshire Echo wrong

    All evidence I have is F/O Percy Don Walker in Blenheim

    Graham warner in Bristol Blenheim says "Bristol Blenheim (Graham Warner) Abandoned in air when lost in bad weather. F/O Walker baled out safely (slighly injured) but Sgt L. Tarrant killed." sic

    Walker was on 23 Sqn at time

    I have reference:

    "The Coroner received a statement by Flying Officer Walker, in which he said that he performed a steep climbing turn after break-away intending to recall the flight to a southerly course, when he felt a tremendous jar The cockpit his machine was badly damaged and the craft fell out of control in a steep dive. His height was about 2,000 feet at the time and Sergt. Tarrant opened the sliding roof a few inches and began to buckle on his parachute. He (Walker) undid his belt and tried to open the sliding roof a little further, but it seemed to have jammed. He eventually managed to open it just enough to abandon the machine."

    This implies Walker flying with Tarrant. Also Hart Trainer K4977 was with 12 FTS
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    Sorry Paul, the article was correct, and I'd got them the wrong way round. I edited my post - didn't see your reply in the meantime!

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    "16/06/30: Acft & cause of loss details for Sgt's Richardson / Nichols (Avro) "

    Can find no reference to this assume non fatal or is date wrong ? what is your source thanks paul
  7. wwrsimon said:


    Re: Richardson and Nichols. Possibly:

    NICHOLLS, Noah William, Sergeant (335419) - Killed 17 March 1932 in an Avro of Central Flying School, Wittering. Pilot of the machine.

    RICHARDSON, Joseph Ivan, Sergeant (335995) - Killed 17 March 1932 in an Avro of Central Flying School, Wittering.



  8. paulmcmillan said:


    Simon that is it 17 March 1932 J8568 Avro 504N
  9. malcolm_raf said:


    Hi Simon

    Sorry I don't know why I had Steedman as being killed it was him who died in the Far East as a Wg Cdr.

  10. Tony H said:


    Hi Paul - Re F/L Baggs;

    According to an inscription on his service gravestone (1/10) in All Saint Churchyard, Wittering Flt Lt Baggs is remembered thus . . .

    "In loving memory of Flt Lt Humphrey Baccs RAF, beloved Husband of Gladys Baccs of Gunnersbury, West London. Killed while flying. Still with us . . ."

    It would seem there are several spelling and grammatical mistakes both in his Christian name, surname and dedication??

    NB: For info, Sgt's Nicholls & Richardson are also buried in ASC Wittering as well (along with some of the others mentioned in this thread) In total there are 22 CWGC graves and 64 service / private graves in the churchyard.

    Kind Regards

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