My mother Norah Tatton, Airwoman 2064732 enlisted in Women's Royal Airforce on the 30th April 1942, Hanley, then Bridgenorth and from 17th September 1942 served with 953 Squadron, which I understand was a unit of No. 32 Group located at No. 14 Balloon Centre, Cardiff. She was discharged from WAAF KR & ACI 652 cl 11 because she was pregnant with me. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but would she have been granted home leave whilst in serving with 953 from 17.09.42 to 21.04.43? If so would the WAAF/ Squadron records show when leave was granted? I have seen the Squadron Diary which records that on the 5th April 1943 there was a 'Medical inspection of 'A' Flight HQ and sites by RAF Sister Price, nursing sister from Penarth', perhaps when she was discovered to be pregnant with me? The information would be helpful to me to establish were I was conceived and by whom!!! As extra information my mother received a very good reference from her commander Flying Officer C. Green.
All information will be gratefully received. Thank you for reading my post.