I've been piecing together the RAF career of my late uncle Donald Charles Atkins from Brighton, and it seems right also to look for the other members of the crew. So...

A Stirling crew originally, from 12 OTU they joined 624 (Special Duties) Sqdn at Blida, N. Africa, in August 1944 and flew one operation on 30th/31st; the squadron was disbanded shortly after as the invasion of Southern France had deprived them of their main theatre of operations. The Atkins crew were posted to 148 (Special Duties) Sqdn based at Brindisi, Italy, part of the Balkan Air Force. Converted to Halifaxes they flew another 35 SD operations before VE Day, at which point the crew was broken up and my uncle posted to 37 Sqdn.

I have the squadron ORBs and Summaries for the period, whence the information below. The original crew was as follows (ranks and service numbers as of August 1944):

F/Sgt DC Atkins (pilot) 133986
F/Sgt EF Lock (air bomber) 1800125
F/Sgt WA Belson (navigator) A/426293
F/Sgt D Sullivan (Wop/AG) 1399799
Sgt J Allcock (flight engineer) 2211375
Sgt BA Lawler (air gunner) 1890351
Sgt J Sharples (air gunner) 2011084(?)

In March 1945 William Belson (DFC, gazetted Feb 1946) was replaced by a fellow Australian, Stuart Allen; Stuart's son kindly contacted me through the excellent 148 Sqdn Yahoo group The Dark Of The Moon. I believe all were British apart from the two navigators - Commonwealth nationalities seem to have been routinely noted in the squadron records.

Other aircrew flew with them as temporary replacements or as additional crew members: F/Sgt JM Fowlie, Sgt JR Evans (Wop/AG?), F/Sgt FW Hubbard (navigator), W/O DF Hinsby (navigator), F/Sgt HS Milman (air gunner), F/Sgt EG Ambrose (air gunner), F/Sgt PH Small (NZ), F/Sgt RA Walkden (air bomber), F/Sgt CW Bromage (air gunner). One or two of these men are mentioned in the squadron ORBs as being shot down and rescued by partisans or ASR (including F/Sgt Sullivan while flying with another crew).

Any info or guidance would be very helpful; I've benefitted from members' help and generosity on here before and am mindful of it - thanks. Pat.