I have the following data about this Liberator:

In the evening of 23 February 1944 the Consolidated Liberator GR V BZ777 -G of 547 Sqn RAF, based at RAF St Eval, was forced by fuel shortage to crash land on the airfield at Old Town, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, overshoot and crashed. The pilot, Flg Off Thomas Geoffrey Dixon was killed by one of the plane’s four propellers breaking off and flying into the cockpit (his death date is shown as the 24th on the CWGC webiste, so he might have died of wounds some hours after the crash), but his crew of seven and a passenger survived because the runway had previously been lengthened. The Liberator was shipped from the islands to the mainland in separate sections (but was apparently not repaired), and its crash certainly justified the runway being extended.

"Scilly at war", by R. L. Bowley. ISBN 0-900184-34-5

Two of the sources above (rafb24.co.uk and www.joebaugher.com) gave as "final fate" for this aircraft the crash on 23 February 1944 at St Mary's, but the book "Scilly at war" has the part about the Liberator being shipped from the islands to the mainland in separate sections. I would like to know if the latter part can be confirmed, and what happened to the parts being sent to the mainland (scrapped, or being turned to instructional airframes, or repaired) ?

Thanks in advance