Seeking information on the cause (reason) of loss for the following named individuals who were all based at RAF Wittering or RAF Collyweston as part of a larger on-going project


09/11/39 AC1 P.G. Holmes 23 Sqn
29/11/39 F/L P.D. Walker 23 Sqn P


4/1/40 P/O R.G.A. Barritt 23 Sqn P
4/1/40 Cpl R. Wilson 23 Sqn AG
16/1/40 LAC J.T. Jackson 23 Sqn
05/03/40 Sgt L. Broughton 213 Sqn P
13/07/40 Gnr L. Moult 149 Bty RA
12/08/40 AC2 E.W. May 23 Sqn
15/10/40 AC1 E.J. Clatworthy 266 Sqn
22/11/40 P/O H.E. Penketh 266 Sqn
07/12/40 F/L J.M.M. Hughes DFC 25 Sqn P
07/12/40 Sgt J.R. Friend 25 Sqn AG

I have already checked against all the losses listed in Norman Franks Fighter Command Losses V1, so I have to assume that the aircrew on the list were as a result of non operational accidents

Thanks in advance for any information

Kind Regards

Tony H