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Thread: Lancaster takeoff time

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    Default Lancaster takeoff time

    Iím not sure if this subject has been discussed in past threads.
    If so, I apologise for covering the same ground again.
    How much time would elapse on a takeoff run from the time the brakes were released until a fully loaded Lancaster bomber became airborne?
    I understand there are variables to consider such as the model of Lancaster, wind, type of runway, condition of aircraft, etc.
    For the sake of this estimation, the runway is hard, smooth, and flat with no wind.
    Actually, I would like two estimations.
    One estimation is the fastest takeoff run of a fully loaded Lancaster in top condition with all cylinders having excellent compression and all other factors in perfect working order.
    Another estimation would be an old bird of a fully loaded Lancaster where the engines are barely within operational parameters, etc.

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    For anyone interested...
    The normal takeoff (roll) time was about 30 seconds.
    Fully loaded was about 35 seconds.
    TAKEOFF (over 64,000 lbs. or short field)
    Hard surface runway required
    Flaps: 1/2 (50%) down
    Elevator trim: 0%
    Rudder trim: Neutral
    Tailwheel locked for best directional control
    Power: WEP (46" Hg/3000 rpm)
    Liftoff speed: 130 mph IAS
    Safety speed: 140 mph IAS
    Takeoff roll: 35 seconds with WEP

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