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    Hi all.
    I wonder there will be experts on the weapon and supply droppings for the resistance
    Currently I keep myself busy with the drop zones in the Netherlands and it strikes me that the aircraft (Halifaxes and Stirlings) mostly drop 23 containers.
    Is there anyone with more knowlwdge then I have who can explain
    The max load of containers and how they were situated in the A/C ?
    Thanks in advance

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    38 Group used 3 types of aircraft for supply dropping: Albemarle, Halifax and Stirling.
    Due to its limited range of flying Albemarle normally couldn't drop to the Netherlands.
    'Standards loads' of these aircraft were:
    Albemarle, 6 containers and 1 package (or 'Wickers pannier' which was to resume a sort of case for very well packed or non fragile objects)
    Halifax, 15 containers and 3 packages
    Stirling: 24 containers and 2 packages

    There were several types of containers of different weights (standards from Central Landing Establishment, SOE types, radios' types,...) and sometimes with containers, some of these aircraft like the Halifax could also drop vehicules like jeeps.

    Concerning the loading, I don't think there were exact plans but of course the purpose was to respect the stability of the aircraft (it is to be known that some containers were loaded in wings like on the Stirling).

    It is just a resume so if you want more details or photos about the containers or packages and their loading you can contact me.

    Raf WWII 38 Group Squadrons Reunited <>
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