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Thread: RAF 75 or 90 Squadrons Flight report on SOE flight to Norway 7-8. M 1944

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    Default RAF 75 or 90 Squadrons Flight report on SOE flight to Norway 7-8. M 1944

    I am working on an article about Norwegian Home resistance movement in my local area Gjøvik,South East of Norway. On 7-8/March 1944 the SOE planned a drop of containers and packages in this area. The AM/SN of this flight was 103 and the code name was "GOLDFINCH 5". The drop place was named Kulttjern. The plane was actually over the drop zone the same afternoon the night between 7-8 of March. The people at the ground were surprised by Gestapo at the afternoon the The flight took place but the crew in the plane did not get the signal from the ground and subseqvently they did not drop anything.
    However I have done some investigation and found out that the flight was executed by the RAF 75 or 90 Squadron. Do anyone here have access to these squadron records in order to check out which squadron who did the flight. What type of plane used,who were manning the plane (whole crew), and which base they flew from and any other information about the flight and crew.
    Any information will be much appreciated !
    Best Regards
    Edvard Noer Bjørge

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    Hei Edvard

    "GOLDFINCH 5" was an American Carpetbagger mission (no. 120). Aircraft B-24 from 801st BG - 36th BS. Possible # 42-40538, but not to be confirmed. Pilot Marvin L Fenster (0-678009).

    You are welcome to contact me.


    Finn Buch

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