Last year I visited the National Archives and made a lot of copies of Nos 3 Group mission files.
From these files I trie to figure out the routes that were flown during a mission. I managed to find a lof of info on the internet but some things remain mysterious to me.
Who can help me out with some abbreviations and codes

On a paper which is named B405 and contains info about a flight on 23/12/1944 I find
1) for Target "SUNFISH A.P. A": I know SUNFISH is the code for TRIER but what means A.P. "A"? Aiming Point A?
2) Then I see K & L routes? This is the route to and from the target but what does K & L stands for.

On an other form B410; Night 24/25 december 1944 I find:
1) Target GSGS 4416 Sheet S.1 855882: I found the map on the internet but the airfield Hangelar is located on the bottom of the sheet above(R1). Does this mean the definition of target was the place to release the bombs?
In this same form I see under 6 Special intstructions ; "Radar and W/T silence to 0430E." What does W/T stands for?
I also see some abbreviations which I don't completly understand
the Abbrev R.A.S. in the tactics area what does R.A.S. Stands for?
Type Z equipment is to be used, but what is this for equipment.
Window to be discharged at rate "G" only if engaged by predicted flak

On Form B8 an attack on Hanau (Elver) 6/1/1945 there are besides ELVER some other Targets named
GH 5531
GH 612A
I assume the men that coded run out of fish but I can't find the GH codes...

On Mission B28 on 29/01/1945 they flew to Krefeld to bomb the marshalling yards near UERDINGEN the text for target states
G.H.611 AP 094H 029V on illustration 43/6 Intention to destroy rolling stock and block traffic.
I Assume GH 611 is Krefeld but where do I find 094H 029V?

If someone can help me out I can continue my research.
thanks in advance