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Thread: Athletics in the raf

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    julie Guest

    Default Athletics in the raf

    Can anyone help? My father was in the raf from 1936 to 1945, and spent most of his time in palistine. He took part in a number of sports activities representing the raf, rugby, football and running, for which he received a silver medal awarded to him at the San Remo Hotel in palistine in 1936. His Unit/Group was 26 OTU/91 Group. I would appreciate any information.

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    Hi Julie

    if you provide a full name a check can be made in Flight magazine. A lot of sporting events/prizes were reported in the magazine before the war.


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    julie Guest

    Default Thankyou Amrit

    Have looked through the Flight Magazine archives,but no luck unfortunately.
    Will keep searching....

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    V Wint Guest

    Default Athletics in the RAF

    I too am looking for information about my father. He was Arthur Wint, in the RAF from 1942 - 47, and a Flight Lieutenant. He was Jamaica's first Olympic Gold Medallist in the London Games of 1948. I know he competed during his training in the BCATP in Canada, and then in the UK. Where can I find information about athletics meets in Canada between 1942 - 44?

    V. Wint

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