This was posted on the Flypast Forum:

Footage taken by FAA pilot Lieutenant Philip Roderick Hall prior to his death in 1942 has been digitised and released. The film shows the evacuation of Dunkirk, taken whilst he was serving aboard HMS Whitehall, and the second includes footage of Battle Tainers, as well as on board footage of Fulmars and Swordfishes. This link gives the story on the About Manchester website, and these are the links to the films:

The second film shows Battle Trainers from 5 minutes 23 seconds onwards, including a burnt out one, from 7 minuites 44 seconds to 9 minutes 03 seconds.I can't see a serial, but it has '30' on the port fuselage, aft of the roundel, and there are also what looks like the remians of bomb fins featured. The Air Britain Battle File has a section about 1 FTS at Netheravon on page 89, states "on 12 May 1941, P6671, a Battle (T) trainer, was taxying at Shrewton during night flying when it was hit by bombs dropped from an He111 and was burnt out."

However, that doesn't match the entry in the aircraft history given for P6671 later in the book on page 172.

Might this be the same event, and if so, what's the right serial?