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Thread: Frederick wills dfm - information please

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    Default Frederick wills dfm - information please

    My Uncle Eric served with 684 Squadron in the Far East, flying as a navigator in unarmed Mosquitoes, and was I understand awarded his DFM for carrying out dangerous photo-recon missions.

    He gets a brief mention in "Eyes of the Phoenix", which is a history photo-recon in the Far East during the war. I would really like to learn more about the man who never really talked about his War years, yet being the gentleman he was continued to serve the RAF as a welfare officer for many years. Ideally if anyone has access to citations records it would be an honour to learn more....

    Thank You

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    The London Gazette does not give much away, his DFM is listed, but as is quite common without a citation.

    I have found 1454360 Frederick Wills, RAFVR, No.684 Sqn being awarded the DFM in the LG published on the 11th August 1944.
    After then he received a commission (taking the Officer Service Number of 195690) on the 10th Feb 1945, on the 21st Aug 1945 he was confirmed as a Pilot Officer and promoted (war substantive) to Flying Officer.

    There is no further mention that I have found in the LG after this point.
    Alan Clark

    Peak District Air Accident Research

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    Hello, and welcome.

    Here is the recommendation for the DFM to your Uncle:

    WILLS, Frederick. 1454360 Flight Sergeant, No.684 Sqn.

    L.G. 11/8/1944. Sorties 46, Flying hours 233.50. Navigator. Air2/9633.

    Flight Sergeant Wills is Navigator to Warrant Officer Johnston*. His high standard of target finding and accuracy on photographic runs have in no small measure been responsible for the outstanding success of the crew.

    Remarks by O.C., Wing.
    Strongly recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal. Flight Sergeant Wills and Warrant Officer Johnston have done and are doing excellent sorties and they are a very keen and reliable crew.

    Remarks by Air Commander, Eastern Air Command.
    I concur in this recommendation. Flight Sergeant Wills has proved himself a capable Navigator on long-range reconnaissance flights and has carried out 46 missions in the course of the last eight months.

    Tavender/Vol.II. K-Z. p.986.

    * 1376868 W/O James Aden JOHNSTON DFC RAFVR (DFC - LG: 11/8/1944:p.3715).

    Obituary for Johnston, here: (I wonder if it was your Uncle that had the tummy upset!).

    I'm sure you're aware of the errors in "Eyes for the Phoenix". Thomas uses the surname, "WELLS" several times. Unfortunately, so does Martin Bowman in his Osprey title on Photo-Reconnaissance Mosquitoes. It looks as if that's how it is referenced in the records.

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