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Thread: 'A.A/C Refresher Squadron'??

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    Default 'A.A/C Refresher Squadron'??

    I have the service record of a Lancaster pilot who, after completing his first tour was posted to:

    Glider Instructors School - 5th October 1943
    17 Operational Training Unit - 18 October 1943
    3 Flying Instructor School - 24 November 1943
    A.A/C Refresher School - 25 September 1944

    The latter would appear to refer to an Anti-Aircraft Refresher School, if so what or where would this be?

    The only other thing I can think it may refer to would be Army Air Corps Refresher School, which would tie in with the Glider Instructors School, but not much else!!

    This is a transcript from his record, provided by the MoD, so it may not be 100%.

    Thank you

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    Depending on how it is entered in your man's documents, this could mean "Attached, Aircrew Refresher School".
    Now, I'm not sure if this could apply here, but "Aircrew Refresher Course" was a nice official term for spending some time in a detention establishment (sort of a jail sentence, if you wish).

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