Morning All,

It seems there is a question mark about the conditions this Spitfire was wrecked while serving with 313 (Cerch) Sqn. Shacklady's and Air-Britain give 'crashed in night landing on 11.01.42', and I guess that this info is coming from the accident card, but the 313 ORB gives something different but it might be imcomplete. Indeed Form 540 says for 11.01.42 entry 'at 10.00 hours Sgt Valenta crashed on taking-off for an operational flight and was killed'. However, Form 541 doesn't give any operational flight that day, only a practice sweep over the Channel. So it might be a flying accident only, but in any case, the hours don't correspond at all as the circumtances, one on take-of, the other on landing!

Where is the truth?

Any comment would be appreciated.