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Thread: Looking for any 1940 information/ refs about "Air Ministry (E.1)"

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    Default Looking for any 1940 information/ refs about "Air Ministry (E.1)"


    I'm looking for any 1940 information about the Air Ministry Department / Directorate known as "Air Ministry E.1." also expressed as "Air Ministry (E.1)"

    The only reference on TNA catalogue AIR 1/37/15/1/250 is to Air Ministry E.1.B. dated 1918-1919 regarding Engine Returns being rendered to them.

    Also a November 1939 Bomber Command letter ref BC/11665/Eng 2, referring to Air Ministry E.1.A. regarding engines.

    Apparently Air Ministry E.1. also had the power of write-off, in the event of a crash, instead of the Group AOC, or Station Report to write-off.

    Thanks Mark
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