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Thread: The Law of Innocents

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    In a letter in The [Glasgow] Herald of 13 June 2013, the Rev Dr John Cameron of St Andrews seeks information on a Bomber Command-related topic, which one of this esteemed forum's members may be able to provide. Rev Cameron's father was a padre throughout WW2 and related the case of a member of a bomber crew who had been a Scottish history undergraduate and volunteered for a second tour. However, as the war drew to a close and Bomber Command continued to destroy Germanys crowded refugee cities he asked to be relieved and cited the Scots Law of Innocents (Lex Innocentium) of 697, which provided for the safety of non-combatants in time of war. Rev Cameron has tried to track down this case but suspects that no record of such a submission was kept. Does any member know anything of this?


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    Keith, Hi,

    Google gives you Probably about as near as you are going to get to the actualite of the matter.

    But quoting this as a reason for not going on bombing raids would seem - to me - to be in the bailiwick of the trick-cyclists. And from there it was only a short step to the dreaded LMF! I suspect that if any files still exist then they are covered by the same caveats as Courts Martial proceedings - in spite of FoI legislation.

    Not a lot of help, but us Barrack Room Lawyers must stick together!!


    Peter Davies
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