Hello everyone. My current quest is trying to find out as much information as possible regarding the bomb aimer position in the Wellington 1A to 1C especially the detail of the bomb aimer panel shown here:

Currently I am part of a group of Flight Sim enthusiasts who are recreating the interior of the Wellington so that it can be flown in detail using the flight simulation IL2: Cliffs of Dover. We are doing this as a hobby and as such we are doing our best to find out as much accurate detail as possible.

The cockpit are has been completed and some earlier work can be viewed here:


It is much further along than shown above, if you check out this video at the 5m 50s mark you can see the much more detailed Wellington cockpit:


So now we want to help users of the simulation to experience what it was like to fly the aircraft but along with that we are also creating the bomb aimer position along with rear and side gunner positions. We are however running on fumes when it comes to bomb aimer position images, with the one shown above pretty much all there is regarding equipment and it's position in the area around it.

So with that in mind, is anyone able to help supply an image or images showing the bomb aimer position and if possible detailing what it is actually showing?

I hope we can find some information butt so-far the image above is all we have been able to find and so any help, whetherr it is somewhere we can contact, images or even a surviving veteran who may be able to help, anything would be appreciated.

I should add we have spoken with the Brooklands Museum who have been helpful and also Dr. Iain Murray who created the Haynes Manual of the Wellington but currently we really need some images from archives or official archives but have no idea where these may be or who to connect with.

Like I said, we are doing this as a hobby, for fun and for free so any help would be really appreciated to let us complete this task for the flight sim community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope someone can help, cheers, Neil