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Thread: 190 Sqn-Faroe Islands 1943

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    Default 190 Sqn-Faroe Islands 1943

    I was interested in a post by KeithBryers 15-Dec-03
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    To add to this:- a/c was airborme from Sullom Voe on evening of 22.4.43. Crashed into sheer cliffs of Sneis at head of Vidvik Fjord, Vidoy c.03:00. Fell to base of cliffs. RAF Vaagar received message 14:55 asking if they'd received signals from the a/c. At 21:16 news came that the a/c had been found. Next morning the MO and a party set of in the fishing vessel 'Kingston Agate' and spent 3 days recovering the 9 bodies and unexploded depth charges.
    56 MU from Longman, Inverness, 'tidied up' the site putting most of it out of sight in streams in an area known as Kaldresi.
    Information from Aviation Archaelolgist Series 2 Nr17 (c1988).

    Keith mentions an MO - and I think this may have been my father Captain Richard J Cairns RAMC who was stationed at 9th Field Hospital, Torshavn and who went to recover the bodies from the Catalina on behalf of the RAF Station Vaagar, Faeroe Islands. For his action on that occasion and he was awarded the MBE on 1 Jan1944. I have a letter from OC RAF Station Vaagar thanking him - the signature is illegible, but appears to contain 'Stewart' - he also mentions someone called 'Slessor' who was obviously one of the rescue party.

    I wondered where I might be able to find more information about this incident, my father's part in it or any background about his Faeroe posting or experiences.

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    I would be interested in more information regarding this incident as I know very little about it. My mother's first husband was Donald S. Beare, navigator on 190 Squadron's Catalina Ib, FP269, coded A. H e is buried in Torshavn Cemetery, Faroe Islands.

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