The following was posted on the Flypast forum seven years ago. I've been unsuccessful in re-registering on their site but a friend on mybehalf has sent off a PM a few days ago for the person I'm trying to contact, unfortunately without success so far. I am now posting a copy of the message here on the off chance that 'Rob' or someone who knows of him can put me in touch. I have been contacted by Kenneth Mangos' brother Peter who is most interested in making contact with Rob.



15th July 2008, 08:37

Wow what a coincidence to see this thread. I am the owner of Kenneth Mangos' Logbook, (Ken Bingham's captain that night in Lancaster ME299)
Kenneth's body was never found, he went down with the aircraft.
3 bodys were recovered and 2 men were taken POW.
If anyone wants any info from the logbook just let me know.
I have a few photos of Mangos here too.

Rob (NZ)