Hello all,

In various published sources this Anson is recorded as having been written off as a result of a landing accident this day at its base at Wick in Scotland. This apparently followed a North Sea patrol during which it engaged in combat with a Luftwaffe flying boat.
The 269 Squadron ORB does not mention the accident nor the combat.
Does anyone have any evidence from primary sources about this combat or subsequent crash (F/O Dennis Hayley-Bell) ?
I have the Form 1180 Accident Card for this Anson on this day, but with a different pilot (P/O B. Fitz-Gibbon). The details of the crash are much the same but the reason for the flight was noted as 'local flying'. I am speculating that the F.1180 is correct for the loss of K6317 and that this flight occurred later in the day (subsequent to the patrol), but lack proof.

Any help much appreciated.


Martin Gleeson.